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nostr NIP-05 verification


NIP5: Mapping Nostr keys to DNS-based internet identifiers

Buy a domain

Setup Domain DNS records to point to GitHub Pages:

Type Host Answer TTL Priority
A randymcmillan.net 3600
A randymcmillan.net 3600
A randymcmillan.net 3600
A randymcmillan.net 3600

$dig randymcmillan.net


Create a new github repo github.com/new

Create a new file your-repo/.well-known/nostr.json

Edit nostr.json to reflect YOUR pub key and desired nickname this content:

  "names": {
  "randymcmillan": "e88a691e98d9987c964521dff60025f60700378a4879180dcbbb4a5027850411"

Create a new file in the root folder _config.yml and add this line

include: [".well-known"]

Navigate to github.com/RandyMcMillan/randmcmillan/settings/pages

Under “Build and deployment” select “Deploy from branch” then below select “Main/Master” branch

Under “Custom domain” type your naked randymcmillan.net (github might complain, ignore)

Below it, check Enforce HTTPS. Sometimes this may take a few minutes to be available.

Then head over branle.netlify.app/settings or astral.ninja/settings (using an extension like Alby or nos2x) edit the NIP-05 Indentifier field to reflect “randymcmillan@randymcmillan.net” and press Save you are all set now, enjoy the vanity address.

legit - git commit custom hash
git clone https://github.com/RandyMcMillan/legit.git ~/legit && \
cd ~/legit && ./make-legit.sh

statoshi.host - dockerized bitcoin node statistics
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)" && \
brew install docker docker-compose make && \
git clone https://github.com/bitcoincore-dev/statoshi.host.git ~/statoshi.host && \
cd ~/statoshi.host && make init run user=root port=80

docker.shell - wrap your $HOME in an alpine shell
git clone https://github.com/RandyMcMillan/docker.shell.git ~/docker.shell && \
cd docker.shell && \
make shell user=root


seq 0 947 | (while read -r n; do bitcoin-cli gettxout \
54e48e5f5c656b26c3bca14a8c95aa583d07ebe84dde3b7dd4a78f4e4186e713 $n \
| jq -r '.scriptPubKey.asm' | awk '{ print $2 $3 $4 }'; done) | \
tr -d '\n' | cut -c 17-368600 | xxd -r -p > bitcoin.pdf


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